The Rope and Epilogue: Questions and Answers

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1. What day in the present is Dana called back to the past for the last time?

2. Why does Alice kill herself?

3. What does Rufus want Dana to do after he loses Alice?

4. How does Rufus die?

5. When Kevin and Dana visit Maryland during the present, they find historical newspapers discussing Rufus Weylin’s death. What do the newspapers say about his death?

1. Dana is called back on The Fourth of July, 1976, which is the bicentennial of the United States.

2. Alice kills herself because her attempt to run away from Rufus failed, and because she believes that Rufus sold her children to punish her for running away.

3. Rufus wants Dana to replace Alice as caretaker of his children, and as his lover.

4. Dana stabs Rufus when he attempts to rape her.

5. The newspapers say that Rufus died in a fire at his home.

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