Kindred The Fight: Questions and Answers

Octavia Butler

The Fight: Questions and Answers

1. Who is Isaac Jackson?

2. Why do Alice and Isaac run away?

3. Why is Margaret Weylin no longer living at the Weylin house?

4. What motivates Dana to try to escape?

5. How do Tom Weylin and Rufus learn that Dana has escaped?

1. Isaac Jackson is a slave belonging to one of the Weylins’ neighbors; he is Alice’s husband.

2. Isaac and Alice run away because Isaac has beaten Rufus for trying to rape Alice, and because he has attacked a white man, his life is in danger.

3. Margaret Weylin went crazy after her twin babies died in infancy; she went to live with her sister in Baltimore, who is taking care of her.

4. Dana tries to escape when she learns that Rufus has not sent any of her letters to Kevin.

5. Liza, one of the slaves who dislikes Dana, tells them that she has run away.