Kindred The Fall: Questions and Answers

Octavia Butler

The Fall: Questions and Answers

1.Where do Kevin and Dana originally meet?

2. What has happened to Rufus when Dana is called back in this chapter?

3. Who is Carrie?

4. Why does Margaret Weylin dislike Dana?

5. Why does Tom Weylin whip Dana?

1. Kevin and Dana originally meet while they are both working at an auto parts warehouse.

2. Rufus has broken his leg.

3. Carrie is a mute slave belonging to the Weylins. She is Sarah’s daughter.

4. Margaret Weylin dislikes Dana because Dana seems to be more educated than Margaret, because Rufus has an emotional attachment to her, and because she is jealous of her relationship with Kevin Franklin.

5. Tom Weylin whips Dana because he catches her with a book stolen from his library.