Prologue, The River, and The Fire: Questions and Answers

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1. Where do Kevin and Dana live?

2. What day do all of Dana’s “trouble” start?

3. How does Dana realize that Rufus is her ancestor?

4. What does Dana see when she tries to find the Greenwood house in the middle of the night?

5. Who are the men who attack the Greenwood home?

1. Kevin and Dana live in the town of Altadena, just outside of Los Angeles.

2. Dana’s troubles start on her 26th birthday, June 9, 1976.

3. When Rufus tells her that his last name is Weylin, she recognizes his name from the family Bible that had been handed down to her.

4. Dana sees a troop of white patrollers break into the Greenwood home and assault Alice’s father, who is a slave owned by Tom Weylin. They tie him to a tree and whip him, then drag him back to the property behind their horses.

5. They are a troop of white patrollers, whose job is to patrol the roads and woods at night to capture runaway slaves and track down slaves who are about without their papers.

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