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Kevin and Dana Franklin are husband and wife.  They met at an tempoary employment agency.  Dana is an African American woman.  She is small and attractive.  She is intelligent and creative, an author.  She is a typical American woman until she is somehow pulled into the past in the middle of the pre-civil war south.  She finds herself a slave and realizes she is stronger than she thought. 

Kevin is a weird looking guy.  He is described as having pale eyes, "which seem distant and angry," white hair, but no wrinkles. He has a great smile and this seems to overshadow everything about his looks.  He also is intelligent and an author.  Dana decides that Kevin "was like me—a kindred spirit crazy enough to keep on trying."  He is caring and loving.  He also demonstrates a great amount of caring and tries to protect Dana when she is pulled back into the future.

Eventually they are pulled back into the time of slavery together and this changes Kevin a great deal. He becomes brooding and angry.  Dana is also changed but she was always more realistic than Kevin so the loss of her arm and the suffering she went through did not make her bitter. 

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