It's Kind of a Funny Story Part 9 & Part 10 Summary and Analysis
by Ned Vizzini

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Part 9 & Part 10 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 43

Craig wakes up thinking about the fact that it is his last day in the hospital. He decides to try taking a cold shower. Afterward, Craig talks to Smitty and asks him if he can play music in the hall that night. He confirms with Smitty that he is able to screen the Blade II movie for the group that evening, despite Smitty’s reluctance.

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Chapter 44

Craig is meeting with Dr. Minerva. He tells her that he has been worrying about checking his email after he gets out of the hospital. He fears that if he doesn’t answer all of his school-related emails, he will fail “at life.” Craig becomes anxious and begins to sweat, realizing that he is going to go back to his “Tentacles” again.

Dr. Minerva asks Craig if he has found any Anchors. Craig shows her his artwork; he realizes that it calms him and that it could be “a good Anchor.” Dr. Minerva suggests that Craig could change schools. Craig had not considered this, but he thinks it is a good idea. He decides to call his parents and tell them he wants to transfer schools.

Chapter 45

Craig is playing cards with Noelle, Armelio, and Jimmy when he is told that he has a visitor. It is Aaron, holding an Egyptian music record that Craig asked for. Aaron seems embarrassed, but Craig greets him with a hug. Craig tells Aaron that he is planning to transfer schools. Aaron doesn’t understand, but Craig doesn’t feel the need to explain himself.

Aaron explains that he and Nia broke up for several days but are back together. He says that he was “all freaked out about her being on pills” because his own family is medicated. He explains that he questioned their relationship because she was still depressed while she was with him.

Craig explains that he has met a girl who is “really screwed up” but he doesn’t “look at that as an insult.” Instead, he sees “a chance to connect.” Aaron apologizes to Craig and asks him not to kill himself.

Chapter 46

Nurse Monica announces over the PA system that Craig will be creating personal drawings for patients on the floor. Craig creates art pieces to reflect the different patients he has met. First he draws Armelio, Ebony, and Humble. He gives Noelle his finished drawing of the couple and asks her to meet him in his room halfway through the movie that evening.

Craig draws a piece for Bobby and Johnny. Neither of them want to give him a phone number, claiming that meeting “in the outside world… just ruins it.” Craig draws a brain map for Jimmy. Although he hopes that Jimmy will “finally open up,” Jimmy’s vocabulary is still restricted to his usual catch phrases. Tired, Craig falls asleep in his chair.

Chapter 47

Craig wakes up to find that Sarah and his parents are present. He shows his family his artwork, and they notice that he looks “a lot better” than he did before his stay at the hospital. Craig explains how, during his time there, he realized that his life “went downhill” after his acceptance into Executive Pre-Professional. To avoid a path that would lead back to the psychiatric hospital, Craig wants to transfer to Manhattan Arts Academy.

Craig’s father objects, remarking that “that’s the school for kids who are all screwed up,” at which point Craig reminds him of his hospital bracelets. Craig’s father agrees to the transfer at the end of the school year. 

Craig is called to dinner. His father leaves the Blade II DVD with him, promising to come back at seven to watch it. His family leaves, planning to pick him up early the next morning.

Chapter 48

Craig explains Blade II to Humble as they set up the TV. Craig’s father joins the group in the activity center, and the patients of Six North give commentary as they watch the movie. Noelle comes into the room, and Craig’s father notices their connection.

During the movie, Craig’s father falls asleep. Craig takes the opportunity to remind Smitty that it’s after designated visiting hours. Craig and his father hug, each of them saying “I love you.” Craig...

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