It's Kind of a Funny Story Part 5 Summary and Analysis
by Ned Vizzini

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Part 5 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 19

Smitty, one of the daytime directors for the floor, takes Craig to Six North and explains that it is a short-term adult psychiatric facility. A nurse named Monica tells Craig that he will be there until a doctor decides on his discharge plan. Monica questions Craig, explains the floor rules to him, and introduces him to a man named Bobby who will give him a tour.

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Chapter 20

Bobby, an older man, gives Craig a tour of Six North. Craig takes in the layout of the floor and the other patients. He describes the group of people as “the motliest collection of people I’ve ever seen.”

Craig senses that he should not ask others why they are there, but he decides to tell Bobby that he is there because he “suffers from serious depression.” Bobby tells him that he, too, has suffered from depression since the age of fifteen. 

Chapter 21

Smitty introduces Craig to his roommate, Muqtada, who is lying in bed. Craig thinks that it might be good for him to have Muqtada as a roommate, as he is someone who “seems worse off” than himself. Craig considers the other patients to be in more difficult situations than himself, and he feels like “a spoiled rich kid” in comparison. A man named Armelio calls everybody to lunch.

Chapter 22

Craig is happily surprised that he is able to eat his lunch. Craig has a conversation with Humble, the man who sits beside him. Humble and Craig muse about humans’ similarity to other animals, and Humble explains his need to feel that he is the alpha male. As Humble talks, Craig wonders why he is able to eat so well, speculating that his “problem might be too much thinking.” Humble asks Craig why he is at Six North and tells Craig how he got there. Craig is happy that he is able to eat a second portion of his lunch. Humble leaves, and Craig notices a table of three young women. One of them calls him over.

Chapter 23

Craig joins the table of three girls. A girl with a blue streak in her hair, Jennifer, is the one who called Craig over. A bigger girl, Becca, and a blond girl with cuts on her face are also there. Jennifer tells Craig that he is “the hottest guy in here” and asks to spend her last day on the floor with him.

The blond girl, Noelle, gets up from the table. Through a window, she holds up a sign warning Craig, “BEWARE OF PENIS.” Then Smitty approaches, refers to Jennifer as “Charles,” and tells her that “playtime’s over.” While everybody lines up for their medication, Noelle holds up another sign telling Craig that Jennifer/Charles tricks everybody.

Chapter 24

Craig has a visit with his mother, his father, and his sister, Sarah. Craig tells them about Six North, and they notice the “allegiance” he is developing with the other patients. Craig asks for his mother to bring him certain items and agrees to call Dr. Barney and Dr. Minerva. Craig’s father tries to add humor to the situation, but Craig asks him to stop. Craig tells his family about his “triumph” of being able to eat at lunch. “President” Armelio asks Craig to come play cards, and Craig agrees.

Chapter 25

Craig uses the hospital phone to access his voicemail. He has messages from Nia, Aaron, and his science teacher. Craig calls Nia and tells her that he is at a friend’s house. He admits that he wanted to kill himself, and Nia assumes that he wanted to kill himself over her. Craig tells Nia that she “shouldn’t assume that everything is always about [her].” When Craig hangs up the phone, his perspective of Nia has changed and he announces to the entire floor: “I think that that’s over!

Chapter 26

Craig meets with Dr. Mahmoud. Craig is impatient to leave Six North, but Dr. Mahmoud insists that he needs to take some time to establish a stable “baseline.” Dr. Mahmoud encourages Craig not to feel embarrassed about being in the hospital for mental health reasons. Craig calls Dr. Minerva to arrange an appointment.

Chapter 27

Craig sits beside Humble at dinner. Humble tells him about the different...

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