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["The Boy Who Could Make Himself Disappear"] lacks the humor of the author's "Sinbad and Me", which was published in 1966. But the same understanding of youth is present as the story dips into the confused existence of young Roger Baxter. Roger is living in New York with his mother, following the divorce of his parents. His father has always been busy and his mother is only concerned with herself. The boy makes friends, but eventually breaks down from the emotional strain. Young readers might have trouble with the story, but the insights into family life and its importance will not be lost on older students. (pp. 173-74)

A review of "The Boy Who Could Make Himself Disappear," in Best Sellers (copyright 1968, by the University of Scranton), Vol. 28, No. 8, July 15, 1968, pp. 173-74.

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