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Kimball O’Hara (Kim)

Kimball O’Hara (Kim), the son of an Irish mother, who died in India when he was born, and an Irish father, who was color sergeant of the regiment called the Mavericks and who died and left Kim in the care of a half-caste woman. Kim grows up on the streets of Lahore, and his skin becomes so dark that no one can tell he is white. He attaches himself to a Tibetan lama as a chela. Kim is caught by the chaplain of the Maverick regiment, who discovers his real identity. The lama pays for Kim’s education, and Kim finally distinguishes himself as a member of the British Secret Service.

A Tibetan Lama

A Tibetan Lama, who becomes Kim’s instructor and whose ambition it is to find the holy River of the Arrow that would wash away all sin. The lama pays for Kim’s schooling. After Kim’s education is complete, he accompanies the lama in his wanderings, though he is really a member of the Secret Service. In the end, the lama finds his holy river, a brook on the estate of an old woman who befriends him and Kim.

Mahbub Ali

Mahbub Ali, a horse trader who is really a member of the British Secret Service. Mahbub Ali is largely responsible for Kim’s becoming a member of the Secret Service.

Colonel Creighton

Colonel Creighton, the director of the British Secret Service, who permits Kim to resume the dress of a street boy and do Secret Service work.

Hurree Chunder Mookerjee

Hurree Chunder Mookerjee, a babu, and also a member of the Secret Service. He is Kim’s confederate in securing some valuable documents brought into India by spies for the Russians.

Themes and Characters

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Kim meets a wandering Buddhist lama whose disciple or chela has died. Because Kim makes himself so useful, the lama sees him as his...

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