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1. Although Stevenson considered Kidnapped his best novel, some critics prefer David Balfour. Is the sequel a better literary production?

2. Although a knowledge of eighteenth- century Scottish history is not necessary for an appreciation of the book, in the year of publication (1886) many readers in England and Scotland would have had some grasp of that era. How does the study of the period of a "historical" novel facilitate understanding the book? How does the use of Scottish words and phrases make the novel seem more realistic and help the contemporary reader to gain a sense of eighteenth-century Scotland?

3. At one point, David complains about the Highlanders he has met, telling Alan that they could all use a bath. How does Stevenson seem to feel about these extraordinary people? Is he sympathetic or critical?

4. The plot of this book has been termed episodic. Are there any episodes that could be eliminated without detracting from the structure and effect of the novel?

5. Stevenson places much emphasis on the loyalty of Highlanders to their chief. Does this feeling seem valid and realistic? Are there logical reasons for the attitude? Is it better understood in historical perspective?

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