Chapter 5 Summary

I Go to the Queen’s Ferry

Davie is now certain of his uncle’s enmity and knows his life is in imminent danger. But he is young and spirited and does not believe Balfour can harm him. In the morning he unlocks his uncle’s door and is greeted quite civilly before they eat their porridge. Davie jeers at the older man, asking if he has anything more to say to him. Balfour assumed Davie was a weak country rube and Davie assumed his uncle was as good a man as any other. Both of them were wrong.

Davie sees Balfour struggling to fabricate a lie when they are interrupted by someone knocking at the door. Davie opens the door to find a “half-grown boy in sea clothes." The child dances and sings...

(The entire section is 504 words.)