Chapter 19 Summary

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The House of Fear

Night falls as David and Stewart walk and talk, and David struggles to keep up with the older man. They arrive at James of the Glens’ and Stewart gives the signal before they descend into the house. Stewart introduces David to James Stewart but does not use the boy’s name. James Stewart is distraught that Colin Campbell has been murdered and knows it will bring more trouble on the Stewart clan.

David sees the servants recovering weapons, swords and guns, from their hiding places in all the buildings; the weapons hidden in the thatch of roofs and other unlikely places. Once they are uncovered, the weapons are taken by others and buried. A girl comes out of the house carrying a bundle of Stewart’s French clothing which must also be buried, but Stewart grabs his clothes and goes to change. This leaves David to go with James Stewart.

Inside the house, James Stewart’s wife is weeping, his son is burning certain papers in the fire, and the servants are bustling to accomplish their appointed tasks. All of them are clearly distraught, and it is an awful scene for David to watch. Soon Stewart returns dressed in his best French clothes, now shabby; David is also given a change of clothes and some brogues. Between them they only have a few guineas and shillings, which Stewart says is not enough for the journey ahead of them; but they are both armed and now they must go. To avert suspicion, James Stewart will offer a reward for both David’s and Stewart’s capture. On the poster he will describe both David and Stewart in the clothing they were wearing before they changed, but the idea of being falsely accused of a murder is not acceptable to David. He believes the real murderer should be on the wanted poster. Eventually he understands that James Stewart is afraid that he will be blamed for the murder and agrees to the ruse. The travelers leave and continue their journey. 

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