Kew Gardens Topics for Further Study
by Virginia Woolf

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Topics for Further Study

(Short Stories for Students)

Compare the four different groups of people who stroll through Kew Gardens. Do you see any similarities among them? How do Eleanor and Trissie compare? How do Simon and the young man compare with Trissie?

Why is so much attention paid to a snail walking across the garden floor?

What is unique about this story? Can you formulate a plot? What is the story trying to do by skipping around from group to group and why doesn’t the story tell the reader more about what happens to each of its characters?

Analyze in detail the scene of Trissie and the young man standing by the flower bed. What does the umbrella symbolize? What does the two-shilling piece in the young man’s pocket symbolize? Why does Woolf expect the reader to figure out the details?

After meandering through the garden, several of the people decide to go have their tea. Why? What are the literal reasons and what are some possible figurative interpretations?