Kathy Acker Principal Works

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Principal Works

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Politics (novel) 1972
The Childlike Life of the Black Tarantula [as Black Tarantula] (novel) 1973
I Dreamt I Was a Nymphomaniac (novel) 1974
Florida (novel) 1978
Kathy Goes to Haiti (novel) 1978
The Adult Life of Toulouse Lautrec by Henri Toulouse Lautrec (novel) 1978
New York City in 1979 (novel) 1979
Great Expectations (novel) 1982
Hello, I'm Erica Jong (novel) 1982
Blood and Guts in High School (novel) 1984
∗My Death My Life by Pier Paolo Pasolini (novel) 1984
The Birth of the Poet (libretto) 1985
Variety (screenplay) 1985
Don Quixote (novel) 1986
Empire of the Senseless (novel) 1988
Literal Madness (novels) 1988
In Memoriam to Identity (novel) 1990
Portrait of an Eye (novels) 1992
My Mother: Demonology (novel) 1993
Pussy, King of the Pirates (novel) 1996
Bodies of Work (essays) 1997
Eurydice in the Underworld (short stories) 1997

∗Included in the English edition of Blood and Guts in High School entitled Blood and Guts in High School Plus Two.