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Kate Fennigate

Kate Fennigate, a managing woman who knows what she wants in life and usually gets it, sometimes against great odds.

Mrs. Fennigate

Mrs. Fennigate, her mother, interested only in eating. She dies after Kate’s graduation from high school.

Mr. Fennigate

Mr. Fennigate, her father, interested in women and drinking. He dies during a trip to Europe with Kate.

Aunt Daisy

Aunt Daisy, who takes Kate in as a household drudge. She loses her money in the stock market and later loses her mind.


Mary, Daisy’s delicate daughter, whose death desolates her mother.

Ames Lanning

Ames Lanning, Mary’s husband, whom Kate loves and tries to spur to success as a lawyer. After Mary’s death, he marries her.


Celia, the daughter of Mary and Ames, in love with Miley Stuart.

Miley Stuart

Miley Stuart, a young engineer at the Roe Metals factory.

Mr. Roe

Mr. Roe, who employs both Kate and Ames.

Mr. Bortshleff

Mr. Bortshleff, a lawyer who invites Ames to work with him.

Laila Capper

Laila Capper, Kate’s rich and beautiful classmate, who tries to break up Kate’s marriage to Ames.

Tuke Speer

Tuke Speer, interested in Kate but persuaded by Laila to elope with her. Kate arranges for Tuke to be sent to manage Roe’s New York office, thus removing the predatory Laila from Ames’s presence.