Kamo no Chōmei Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

Kamo no Chōmei shu (poetry) 1181

Iseki (travel diary) c. 1186

Mumyōshō (prose) after 1211

Hōjōki (memoir) 1212

Hosshinshū (short stories) c. 1215

The Ten Foot Square Hut and Tales of the Heike (translated by A. L. Sadler) 1928

An Account of My Hut (translated by Donald Keene) 1955; published in Anthology of Japanese Literature

Mumyōshō (translated by Hilda Katō) 1968; published in journal Monumenta Nipponica

“Recluses and Eccentric Monks: Tales from the Hosshinshū” (translated by Marian Ury) 1972; published in journal Monumenta Nipponica

“Selections from the Hosshinshu” (translated by Royall Tyler) 1987; published in Japanese Tales

Record of the Ten-Foot-Square-Hut [Hōjōki] (translated by Burton Watson) 1994; published in Four Huts: Asian Writings on the Simple Life

Hōjōki: Visions of a Torn World (translated by David Jenkins and Yasuhiko Moriguchi) 1996