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K. Characters

(Beacham's Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction)

Sidney Page is clearly modeled on the young Mary Roberts. Sidney's dead father, who bequeathed her "the dreamer's part" of her nature, certainly reflects Rinehart's own father, a failed inventor who committed suicide. Mrs. Page's insistence on maintaining respectability in spite of her lack of financial resources is based on the experiences of Rinehart's own widowed mother. The character of "Dr. Max," the egotistical and unscrupulous doctor with whom Sidney and every other student nurse falls in love, the horrifying scenes when Sidney confronts human suffering, many of the details of everyday life, are all drawn from Rinehart's experiences during her youth in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Like young Mary Roberts, Sidney eventually sacrifices her own desires for freedom in the face of her love for a "good man," K.