Topics for Discussion

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1. Why are the wolves willing to adopt Mowgli as one of their own?

2. Mowgli lacks the fangs and claws of some of the other animals and is often at a disadvantage. How does his handling of fire illustrate his dominance over the animals?

3. Mowgli learns many things as he grows up with the wolves. What does he learn from being kidnapped by the monkeys?

4. In "Riki-Tikki-Tavi," Riki is a hero who fights to save others at a considerable risk to himself. Discuss how Kipling reveals Riki's heroism.

5. The use of force and compulsion is often seen as a negative act. Discuss how Kotick uses force to help and build rather than to hurt and destroy.

6. The British Empire was made up of many far-flung colonies, most of which gained their independence shortly after World War II. Discuss how "His Majesty's Servants" presents both positive and negative aspects of colonialism.

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