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What's a good essay topic for "The Jungle Book"?

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Before deciding on a "good" topic, consider who your reader is going to be. Is the topic that you are considering something that this person has read many times before? If so, I would recommend another topic. You want your reader excited to read about your paper and not bored from the title. If your reader is truly very open minded, then pick a topic that excites you or you believe is easy to defend.

In general, I recommend going one of two directions. Either do an essay that examines a theme (or two) from the book, or do a character analysis. The reason that I recommend going either of those directions is because they interconnect well with each other. If you choose a theme, often characters can be used to support the theme. If you do a character analysis, often that character ties in nicely with a particular theme. For example, your essay could examine the story's thematic emphasis of family. That theme can't be discussed without analyzing how Mowgli fits in with his families. Another theme that could be quite interesting to discuss is the theme of bravery and courage that is shown to readers throughout the book. This theme then allows you to analyze Mowgli as well as many of the other animal characters that enter Mowgli's life.

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One could look at many different good topics for an essay on the novel The Jungle Book.

Here are some ideas one could use to examine the novel more closely:

1. Compare and contrast the ideology of the wolves and the monkeys.

2. There are many different references to imagery throughout the novel. Choose one image and describe its impact on the novel as a whole. (One example would be fire.)

3. The use of personification (the giving of human characteristics/qualities to non-human and non-living things) is obvious. Why do you think that Kipling personified the animals in the novel. What would change if the animals could not communicate with Mowgli? How would his life be different? How would the experience for the reader be different?

4. Self-realization and personal identity is a question that remains for both Mowgli and the animals. How does Mowgli come to understand his own personal identity?

5. How is the balance of animalism and humanism detailed in the novel?

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