How does Mowgli end up in the jungle?

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Mowgli ends up in the jungle when his parents lose him during a tiger attack.

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"Mowgli's Brothers" begins with Father Wolf and Mother Wolf waking up in the early evening. Father Wolf is about to begin hunting when Tabaqui the jackal arrives. Tabaqui brings bad news. He says that Shere Khan is changing his hunting grounds and will be much closer to the wolves. Father Wolf is upset about that because Shere Khan is likely to scare away a lot of potential prey, and that will make it more difficult for the pack. Mother Wolf also comments that Shere Khan's presence will likely bring unwanted human attention to the area. Tabaqui leaves, and the two wolves listen to the hunting sounds of Shere Khan.

While listening to Shere Khan, Mother Wolf and Father Wolf hear something approaching their cave. Father Wolf gets ready to pounce, and he is startled to see that the noise has been created by a naked "man's cub." This child will be named Mowgli. Father Wolf brings the naked child into the cave, and Mother Wolf is quite impressed with him. Shere Khan and Tabaqui arrive shortly after, and Shere Khan asks where the man's cub is. Shere Khan knows the boy went this way, and Shere Khan states that "its parents have run off." Presumably, Mowgli's parents ran off during Shere Khan's tiger attack and lost their child in the process. Mowgli then wandered in the jungle until he came across the wolves.

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