Did Father Wolf really intend to eat Mowgli in The Jungle Book?

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The Wolf Father doesn't want to have Mowgli for dinner, or any other meal for that matter; he wants to protect him. It's the deadly tiger Shere Khan who wants to get his teeth into the young orphan and it's the wolves who defend him. Besides, the Wolf Father is all too aware that the Law of the Jungle explicitly prohibits any creature from killing man or his offspring except when it is teaching its children how to kill. If this law is broken, then before long men with guns will descend on the jungle looking for revenge. So there's a good reason why the Wolf Father doesn't kill Mowgli, whatever his instincts might tell him.

He's also a proud wolf, and he's not about to take orders from Shere Khan, who demands that he hand over the man-cub. The tiger angrily responds to the Wolf Father's insolence by giving out a mighty roar that rumbles through the jungle like thunder. Fortunately, Raksha the Demon intervenes and rules that Mowgli shall not be killed. Shere Khan retreats into the dark depths of the jungle to lick his wounds while Wolf Father and Wolf Mother take Mowgli back to their cave where they will raise him as one of their own.

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