July's People Chapters 9-12 Study Questions and Answers

Nadine Gordimer

Chapters 9-12 Study Questions and Answers

(Novels for Students)

1. With what name does Maureen madden July? Why?

2. Why is the warthog piglet cause for celebration?

3. Why does July want his wife and mother to praise the meat Bam brought to the village?

4. Why is Martha not used to obeying July?

5. What happens to the kittens, and why?

1. Maureen mentions Ellen to July as an underhanded threat to the stability of his current life. By bringing up Ellen, Maureen shows herself to be disloyal and in possession of knowledge that could seriously complicate July's marriage.

2. The family has not had meat in a long time, and to their half-starved systems, the piglet provides an exhilarating treat full of energy. The food goes straight to their heads.

3. July knows that the women do not approve of the whites taking refuge in the village. Both Martha and July's mother are angry that the Smaleses have taken over the mother's hut. July wants them to admit that they like the meat as evidence that July was right to bring them there.

4. Usually July only visits the village once every two years. Martha has trouble adapting to July's constant presence and orders since she is used to ruling the village in his absence.

5. Maureen drowns the kittens. They belong to no one and there is not enough food for them.

(The entire section is 218 words.)