July's People Chapters 6-8 Study Questions and Answers

Nadine Gordimer

Chapters 6-8 Study Questions and Answers

(Novels for Students)

1. What has Maureen remembered that both she and Bam believe is important?

2. What does Maureen do in the rain?

3. Who is Nyiko? What is her relationship to the family?

4. What explanation does July give for taking the bakkie?

5. How does Maureen connive to get the keys to the bakkie from July?

1. Maureen brought anti-malaria pills she looted when the pharmacies were destroyed by rioters. She and Bam both know how important their health is to surviving in the village.

2. Maureen takes off her clothes in the nighttime rain and lets the rain wash her.

3. Nyiko is an African girl who has befriended Gina. The two girls have an intense, private friendship. Nyiko's good manners distantly embarrass Maureen.

4. July tells the Smaleses that he took the bakkie to get supplies for them.

5. She says that she needs a rubber mat from the bakkie and holds her hands out for the keys, quietly demanding them from him despite his obvious reluctance.

(The entire section is 161 words.)