July's People Chapters 3-5 Study Questions and Answers

Nadine Gordimer

Chapters 3-5 Study Questions and Answers

(Novels for Students)

1. Maureen has sent gifts to July's wife throughout the years. What does she realize about those gifts when she meets July's wife for the first time?

2. What does July's wife reveal about the hut where the Smaleses are living?

3. When July explains about the riots and the bombs on planes, why does his wife become afraid?

4. How does Bam stay busy in the village?

5. What does the photograph of Lydia and Maureen cause Maureen to realize?

1. Maureen realizes that her gifts were inappropriate and revealed the depth of her ignorance and the assumptions inherent in her liberal views. July's wife has no use for handbags because she lives in extreme poverty.

2. July's wife chastises July for taking away his mother's hut and giving it to the white people, thereby revealing that the Smaleses are not the only displaced people in the village.

3. July's wife thinks that the whites will take revenge on the blacks for killing so many whites. She cannot comprehend that the whites are defeated and instead thinks that the black resistance will cause only suffering greater suffering.

4. Bam repairs tools and puts together a water tank to collect rainwater. He does small tasks involving mechanical ability.

5. Lydia and Maureen were friends, but Lydia always carried Maureen's school case. Looking at the photograph,...

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