July's People Chapters 18-19 Study Questions and Answers

Nadine Gordimer

Chapters 18-19 Study Questions and Answers

(Novels for Students)

1. What is a gumba gumba man?

2. Why did Daniel take the gun?

3. When Maureen clambers atop the bakkie, what pose does she assume? Why is it a mockery of that pose?

4. How do the villagers react to the helicopter?

5. Where does Maureen run? What is there?

1. A gumba gumba man travels from village to village with speakers and a record player. When he arrives, a party commences. Maureen's children instinctively understand this, although Maureen and Bam both struggle with the concept of a party for no reason other than the gumba gumba man's arrival.

2. Daniel took the gun to fight for revolution. He...

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