Chapters 18-19 Study Questions and Answers

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1. What is a gumba gumba man?

2. Why did Daniel take the gun?

3. When Maureen clambers atop the bakkie, what pose does she assume? Why is it a mockery of that pose?

4. How do the villagers react to the helicopter?

5. Where does Maureen run? What is there?

1. A gumba gumba man travels from village to village with speakers and a record player. When he arrives, a party commences. Maureen's children instinctively understand this, although Maureen and Bam both struggle with the concept of a party for no reason other than the gumba gumba man's arrival.

2. Daniel took the gun to fight for revolution. He has joined the militia fighting to overthrow the white government.

3. Maureen assumes the pose of a centerfold seductively lying across the hood of a car. Her ragged hair, ridiculous clothes, emaciated body and unkempt appearance make her anything but sexy, so the pose mocks the white image of a vamp.

4. They see the helicopter as an exciting diversion, as something familiar but at the same time unusual. They do not fear it as Maureen does.

5. Maureen runs to the helicopter. Either death at the hand of revolutionaries or salvation at the hand of those sympathetic to the whites awaits her. She also runs to her family, but the text explicitly says that she runs for herself as a solitary person, and not with the objective to rejoin her family.

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