Cassius in Julius Caesar Quiz

Ambitious and jealous yet curiously practical: these are all words that describe one of the most eager participants of the plot to kill Caesar, Caius Cassius. Be sure you understand the motivations and machinations of this character by taking the quiz over Cassius in Julius Caesar from eNotes. Nine questions let you know in a flash if you have a good grasp of the character's purpose in the play.

  1. True or False: Cassius is the instigator of the conspiracy

  2. Whom does Cassius want slain as well as Caesar?

  3. When trying to convince Brutus of the need to kill Caesar, what does Cassius dwell on?

  4. After a bitter quarrel, what does Cassius ask Brutus to do?

  5. After an erroneous report of his friends' capture, what does Cassius ask Pindarus to do?

  6. True or False: Cassius refuses to follow Brutus to Philippi

  7. To whom does Cassius consistently defer?

  8. From what did Cassius once save Caesar?

  9. What do the forged letters from Roman citizens that Cassius writes to Brutus warn of?