Antony in Julius Caesar Quiz

Antony is Caesar's close friend who possesses the ability to sway a crowd with his powerful oratory skills. Be sure you understand Antony's powerful influence in the play by taking the eNotes quiz on the character of Antony in Julius Caesar. Ten questions let you know in a flash if you have a good grasp of his character's purpose in the play.

  1. True or False: Trebonius and Brutus agree that Antony is not a threat to their plans

  2. True or False: After seeing Caesar's body, Antony reaches out to shake the bloodied hands of the conspirators

  3. What does Antony say Caesar repeatedly refused?

  4. What does Antony's speech inspire the citizens of Rome to do?

  5. What does Antony vow in his speech?

  6. Who does Antony agree to exchange for the life of Lepidus's brother?

  7. What talent does Antony posses?

  8. For what does Antony ask permission?

  9. Where does Brutus agree to let Antony speak?

  10. Which pair of characters form an alliance with Antony?