Act V, Scenes 4 and 5: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What happens to young Cato?

2. How does Lucilius try to confuse the enemy troops?

3. What does Lucilius request of the two soldiers?

4. What does Antony do when he recognizes Lucilius?

5. Why does Brutus say he wants to commit suicide?

6. What is the one thing Brutus says he is happy about before he dies?

7. How does Brutus die?

8. How does Strato answer Messala’s inquiry about Brutus?

9. How does Octavius restore order to Rome after the battle?

10. How does Antony regard Brutus at the end of the play?

1. He is killed in the battle.

2. Lucilius tells his capturers that he is Brutus.

3. He offers them money and asks them to kill him.

4. He tells his men to treat Lucilius well and keep him safe because he wants him as a friend.

5. He uses the metaphor of a pit. His enemies have forced them to the edge and it is more noble to jump in than be pushed in.

6. Brutus is happy that in all his life his friends have been truthful and honest with him. The irony is that he was tricked by Cassius into joining the conspiracy against Caesar.

7. Strato holds his sword and Brutus runs onto it, stabbing himself.

8. He tells him that Brutus is safe from bondage (captivity), and that he was not conquered by his enemy. Brutus only conquered himself.

9. He gives amnesty to those who fought on the side of Brutus, and he invites them into his army.

10. He calls him a noble Roman who did what he thought was right. He was the only one who acted against Caesar for unselfish reasons, the common good.

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