Act V, Scenes 2 and 3: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What order does Brutus give Messala in the battle?

2. How does Cassius try to prevent the retreat?

3. What news does Pindarus bring the retreating Cassius?

4. Why does Cassius ask Pindarus to describe Titinius’ ride instead of doing so himself?

5. What does Pindarus describe?

6. What request does Cassius make of Pindarus?

7. What is ironic about the way Cassius dies?

8. What is the message Titinius has for Cassius?

9. How does Titinius show his high regard for Cassius?

10. Why does Brutus plan to send Cassius’ body to Thasos for burial?

1. Brutus tells him to ride and order his army to attack Octavius’ flank (wing).

2. He killed his own ensign (flag carrier) when the soldier retreated, causing Cassius’ troops to follow the flag.

3. Antony’s troops are in Cassius’ tents.

4. He says that he has bad eyesight.

5. Titinius is surrounded. He is taken and the soldiers shout for joy at his capture.

6. He asks Pindarus to kill him in exchange for his freedom.

7. He is killed on his birthday by the same sword that killed Caesar.

8. Brutus has won his battle, and he brings a wreath of victory to present to Cassius.

9. He kills himself with Cassius’ sword.

10. He doesn’t want his army to become depressed because of Cassius’ death as they plan for the final battle.

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