Julius Caesar Act V, Scene 1: Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act V, Scene 1: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Octavius report to Antony in the opening lines of the scene?

2. What is the cause of the disagreement between Antony and Octavius?

3. How does Antony insult Cassius and Brutus?

4. What is Cassius’ response to Antony’s insult?

5. Why is Cassius reluctant to fight the battle?

6. What are the omens he has observed?

7. Why would it be ironic if Cassius dies in the battle?

8. What is Brutus’ attitude concerning suicide?

9. What is Brutus’ response when Cassius asks if he is “contented to be led in triumph / Thorough the streets of Rome?” (119–20)

10. Why is Brutus anxious for the battle to begin?

1. The enemy is preparing to attack before Antony and Octavius are ready.

2. Antony tells Octavius to fight on the left side of the field, but Octavius says no.

3. He calls them villains and flatterers.

4. Cassius tells Brutus he should have listened to him and killed Antony when they killed Caesar.

5. From the signs and omens he is sure they will lose.

6. The eagles that were perched on their battle flags flew away and were replaced by ravens, crows, and kites, birds that feed on dead bodies.

7. It is his birthday.

8. He condemned his father-in-law, Cato, for killing himself rather than live under Caesar. He thinks it cowardly and vile to commit suicide in fear of what may happen in the future.

9. Brutus says he will never go back to Rome as a prisoner.

10. Win or lose, he wants to end the work that began on the ides of March.