Act I, Scene 3: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Casca have his sword drawn?

2. What two “supernatural” events does Casca describe to Cicero?

3. What unusual “natural” event does he tell about?

4. Why does Casca think these unusual things are happening?

5. What information about Caesar is revealed in their conversation?

6. How is Cassius’ conduct in the storm different from Casca’s?

7. How does Cassius interpret all that is happening in Rome?

8. What news does Cinna bring to Cassius?

9. Why does Casca think it is important for Brutus to join with them in the plot against Caesar?

10. How does Cassius plan to put extra pressure on Brutus at the end of Act I?

1. He passed a lion walking in the streets of the Capitol.

2. A slave with his hands on fire was not burned. Men on fire were walking through the streets.

3. An owl, the bird of night, sat hooting in the marketplace at midday.

4. The gods are either at war or are trying to destroy the world.

5. He is going to the Capitol in the morning on the ides of March.

6. He is unafraid because he is an honest man. He even dares the lightning to strike him.

7. He says the gods are warning Romans against Caesar.

8. The other conspirators are assembled at Pompey’s Porch and they are awaiting Cassius.

9. Public opinion of Brutus is favorable, and he will make the killing of Caesar seem like a noble act.

10. He and Casca and the others plan to go to his house and press him to join them.

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