Act IV, Scene 1: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why are Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus together in the scene?

2. How does Shakespeare show their callousness?

3. Why does Antony send Lepidus to Caesar’s house?

4. What is Antony’s true opinion of Lepidus?

5. Why did Antony pick Lepidus as one of the new leaders of Rome?

6. What does Antony compare Lepidus to?

7. What is Octavius’ assessment of Lepidus?

8. What is Antony’s response to Octavius?

9. What news does Antony tell Octavius about Brutus and Cassius?

10. Why does Octavius agree with Antony’s plan to go after Cassius and Brutus?

1. They are making a list of people to be killed in order to tighten their control in Rome.

2. Lepidus agrees to have his brother placed on the list if Antony agrees to condemn his own nephew.

3. He sends him for Caesar’s will. They plan to reduce what Caesar left to the Roman citizens.

4. He thinks Lepidus is fit to be sent on errands, but not fit to be one of the three most powerful men in the world.

5. Antony needs Lepidus to gain favorable public opinion.

6. He compares him to a mule that carries a load from one place to another and then is turned loose to graze. He also compares him to his horse.

7. Octavius says Lepidus is an experienced and brave soldier.

8. Antony says his horse is also a brave soldier, who must be taught to fight, run, and stop, and be ruled by Antony, as must Lepidus.

9. They are raising an army in Greece and preparing for war.

10. He says they are surrounded by many enemies in Rome and those who pretend to be their friends are not.

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