Act III, Scene 1: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Caesar not read Artemidorus’ letter?

2. Why does Cassius think their assassination plan has been discovered?

3. Why does Caesar get angry at Metellus?

4. What does Brutus tell the frightened senators after Caesar’s assassination?

5. How does Calphurnia’s dream come true?

6. What does Antony want from the conspirators?

7. What restrictions does Brutus place on Antony when he allows him to speak at the funeral?

8. What does Antony predict in his soliloquy?

9. What information does the messenger bring to Antony?

10. What are Antony’s intentions as the scene ends?

1. He says because it is personal business it can wait. He puts affairs of state before personal matters.

2. Popilius Lena wishes him good luck in their enterprise and then he goes and talks to Caesar.

3. He thinks Metellus is trying to flatter him into changing his mind. Caesar says he cannot be swayed.

4. He says no harm is intended toward anyone else and they shouldn’t be afraid.

5. Brutus tells the conspirators to bathe their hands and swords in Caesar’s blood to mark them as the men who killed Caesar and gave their country freedom.

6. First he says he wants to die by Caesar if they intend to kill him. Then when he realizes he will be allowed to live, he wants to know why Caesar was killed and to speak at Caesar’s funeral.

7. Antony may not blame the conspirators for killing Caesar, though he may say good things about Caesar. He must say he speaks by their permission. He must speak from the same place as Brutus after Brutus has first addressed the crowd.

8. He predicts a bloody civil war, with dead bodies waiting for burial, and revenge for Caesar’s death.

9. Octavius, summoned by Caesar, has arrived outside of Rome.

10. He plans to stir up the crowd and then send word to Octavius if it is safe for him to enter Rome.

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