Act II, Scene 1: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What reason does Brutus give in his soliloquy for killing Caesar?

2. What do the letters addressed to Brutus say?

3. Why can’t Lucius identify the men with Cassius?

4. Why does Brutus oppose the idea of swearing an oath?

5. Why does Brutus object to Cicero joining the conspiracy?

6. Why does Brutus oppose killing Mark Antony?

7. How does Decius plan to get Caesar to the Capitol?

8. What advice does Brutus give the conspirators as they leave his house?

9. Why does Portia think she is strong enough to share in Brutus’ plans?

10. How does Caius Ligarius prove his high regard for Brutus?

1. Brutus justifies killing Caesar for the good of Rome, fearing that he may abuse his power.

2. The letters urge him to “speak, strike and redress,” to act against Caesar.

3. The men have their hats pulled down and their cloaks pulled up so their faces are hidden.

4. Brutus feels their cause is good enough to bind them together, and if it is not, they might as well go home and wait for death to take them.

5. He says Cicero will never follow what someone else began.

6. Their cause would seem too bloody, and they would be considered murderers. He thinks Antony is not dangerous.

7. He says he will use flattery.

8. He tells them to look fresh and hide their plans by smiling so their appearances won’t give them away.

9. Portia is the daughter of Cato and the wife of Brutus, and she gave herself a voluntary wound in the thigh without crying out.

10. Ligarius agrees to do whatever Brutus needs him to do without knowing what it may be, even though he is sick.

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