What does "security gives way to conspiracy" mean in act 2, scene 3 of Julius Caesar?

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In Act 2, Scene 3 of "Julius Caesar", the phrase "security gives way to conspiracy" implies that excessive confidence can lead to negligence, thereby enabling conspiracies to thrive. This is exemplified by Caesar's blind trust in those close to him, such as Cassius, Cinns, Trebonius, and Caius Ligarius. His misplaced faith in the Romans' affection is his tragic downfall.

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In "Julius Caesar" this line,spoken by Artemidorus, a teacher of rhetoric, means that being overly confident can lead to carelessness which, in turn, allows conspiracy to form and proceed.  Caesar trusts too much Cassius, Cinns, Trebonius, Caius Ligarius, and others close to him; he is relaxed in this trust and fears no one.  Of course, the reader later realizes that this confidence in the love of the Romans is the tragic mistake that Caesar makes.

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