What consequences might Brutus face for his choices in Act 4?

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Technically, Brutus will not face any consequences for his actions, because he is dead by the end of the play.  But if you're asking this question just after reading the end of Act 3, then it would still be up for debate.

This is an opinion question ("do you think"), so there won't be a right or wrong answer.  I would suggest exploring the issues of betrayal.  Remember that this murder, while thoroughly rationalized by all of the conspirators, is a little more personal for Brutus than other members of the conspiracy.  Caesar was more than just a political acquaintance; Caesar was his best friend.

A short answer to this question would be that Brutus will have to deal with the angry, outraged, frightened, and confused public of Rome and he will also have to deal with the guilt he will feel after murdering his best friend.

Hope this helps!

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