Plain English Julius Caesar Act III

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Julius Caeser, Act III, Scene 1

[The senate sits on a higher level, waiting for Caesar to appear. Artemidorus and the Soothsayer are among the crowd. A flourish of trumpets. Enter Caesar, Brutus, Cassius, Casca, Decius, Metellus, Trebonius, Cinna, Antony, Lepidus, Popilius, and others. Caesar stops in front of the Soothsayer.]

Caesar. The ides of March have arrived.

Soothsayer. Yes, Caesar, but not left.

[Artemidorus steps up to Caesar with his warning.]

Artemidorus. Hail, Caesar! Read this document.

[Decius steps up quickly with another paper.]

Decius. Trebonius would like you to read over (When you have time) his humble request.

Artemidorus. O Caesar, read mine first, because mine's a request that is more personally important to Caesar.

Caesar. What is important to us personally shall be dealt with last.

[Caesar pushes the paper aside and turns away.]

Artemidorus. Don't wait, Caesar. Read it right now!

Caesar. What, is this man crazy?

Publius. Boy, get out of the way!

[Publius and the other conspirators force Artemidorus away from Caesar.]

Cassius. What, do you present your petitions in the street? Come to the Capitol.

[Caesar goes into the Senate House, the rest following. Popilius speaks to Cassius in a low voice.]

Popilius. I hope that your enterprise today is successful.

Cassius. What enterprise, Popilius?

Popilius. Good luck.

[Advances to Caesar.]

Brutus. What did Popilius Lena say?

Cassius. He hoped that our enterprise today would be successful. I am afraid our plot has been discovered.

Brutus. Look how he approaches Caesar. Watch him.

Cassius. Casca, be quick, for we are afraid of being stopped.

Brutus. Cassius, stay calm. Popilius Lena is not talking about our plans, for look, he smiles, and Caesar's expression does not change.

Cassius. Trebonius has good timing, for see, Brutus, he draws Mark Antony out of the way.

[Exit Antony and Trebonius.]

Decius. Where is Metellus Cimber? Let him go and immediately present his petition to Caesar.

Brutus. He is ready. Get near him and back him up.

Cinna. Casca, you will be the first that raises your hand.

[Caesar seats himself in his high Senate chair.]

Caesar. Are we all ready? What is now wrong that Caesar and his Senate must make right?

Metellus. Most high, most mighty, and most powerful Caesar, Metellus Cimber throws before your seat a humble heart.


Caesar. I must stop you, Cimber. Your brother is banished by law. If you bow and beg and grovel for him, I will kick you like a mangy dog out of my way. You must know that Caesar does not make mistakes, nor will he be satisfied without a good reason.

Metellus. Isn't there a voice any better than mine to speak more successfully to Caesar for the return of my banished brother?

Brutus. May I ask that his brother be returned to Rome?

Caesar. What, Brutus?

Cassius. Pardon me, Caesar! Caesar, pardon me! Cassius falls as low as your foot to beg for freedom for Publius Cimber.

Caesar. I was firm that Cimber should be banished, and I am still firm to keep him that way.

Cinna. O Caesar!

Caesar. Get away!

Decius. Great Caesar!

Caesar. Can't you see that even Brutus' kneeling doesn't influence me?

Casca. My hands will speak for me!

[They stab Caesar. Casca, the others in turn, then Brutus.]

Caesar. Et tu, Brute?--Then fall Caesar!


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