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  • All actors were (a) untrained (b) skilled in playing only one role (c) female (d) male.
  • All of the following are true of the play except for (a) it is entirely factual (b) it is about a general and dictator (c) it takes place in Rome (d) begins on February 15, 44 B.C.
  • How old was Caesar when he died? (a) 50 (b) 52 (c) 54 (d) 56
  • Sooth means (a) wisdom (b) future (c) doom (d) truth.
  • What the theatre in London that Shakespeare was associated with? (a) The World (b) The Britain (c) The Circle (d) The Globe
  • When did Shakespeare write his plays? (a) 15th and 16th century (b) 14th and 15th century (c) 16th and 17th century (d) 17th and 18th century
  • The _____ consisted of Octavius, Antony, and Lepidus. (a) Triumvirate (b) conspirators (c) praetors (d) drachmas
  • Brutus was the _____, the character for whom events ended disastrously. (a) tragedy (b) tragic hero (c) praetor (d) apparition
  • Antony shared his real feelings in a(n) ____, a speech where he spoke his thoughts aloud on the stage. (a) catharsis (b) soliloquy (c) aside (d) anachronism
  • With the death of all the conspirators, the audience experienced a ____, a cleansing of the spirit. (a) eulogy (b) portentous (c) catharsis (d) tragic flaw
  • Cassius uttered a brief ____ to the audience. (a) aside (b) soliloquy (c) apparition (d) soothsayer
  • Caesar’s ____ appeared to Brutus as he slept. (a) tragic flaw (b) augurer (c) soothsayer (d) apparition
  • A(n) _____ is a fatal error in judgment. (a) tragedy (b) tragic flaw (c) superiority (d) tragic realization
  • _____ was a festival of dancing, feasting, and games. (a) Lupercal (b) Ides (c) Dionysus (d) Philippi
  • There were a total of eight _____ who plotted to kill Caesar. (a) soliloquies (b) conspirators (c) apparitions (d) triumvirates
  • Because Calpurnia was _____, she and Caesar had no children. (a) barren (b) portentous (c) a soothsayer (d) an anachronism
  • Caesar’s ____________________ turned angry when the crowd shouted for him not to accept the crown from Antony. (a) tragic flaw (b) augurer (c) soothsayer (d) countenance
  • Scene 1 begins with Flavius and Marullus (a) praising Caesar (b) criticizing the commoners (c) criticizing the returning soldiers (d) decorating the way to the Forum.
  • A soothsayer warns Caesar, "Beware the ides of March." By these words the soothsayer means, (a) "Stay away from rival soothsayers" (b) "Protect yourself from March winds" (c) "Take care not to antagonize the god of war" (d) "Be careful on March 15.
  • Caesar instructs Calpurnia to stand in Mark Antony's way as he runs the race because (a) she has a note to hand to Antony (b) otherwise she will be unable to see the race (c) she has been unable to bear children (d) she wishes to cheer him on.
  • Cassius uses all of the following arguments to turn Brutus against Caesar except that (a) Caesar has a lean and hungry look (b) Caesar has been seen to have fits (c) Cassius once saved Caesar from drowning (d) Brutus is easily Caesar's equal

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Comprehensive test for Julius Caesar by Shakespeare.