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Julius Caesar: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Your assignment as a group is to create a soundtrack to your movie version of Julius Caesar.

Your finished project must include:

  • At least two songs per act (so AT LEAST ten songs total)
  • Cover illustration for your CD with a track listing for your soundtrack
  • For each song, you must include the following: a. Title and Artist/Composer b. Lyrics c. One – paragraph explaining WHY this is a good song for the act/play
  • All written information must be typed or neatly written in blue or black ink.

For extra credit: You and your group will present this information to class. You must create the actual CD and play it for the class while explaining why the songs fit with the play.

  • Remember, if you create the CD, you must have the CD case, along with the cover art and track listing inside the case! You may put the lyrics with explanation on a separate sheet if they won’t fit in your CD case.
  • Also remember that your lyrics need to be appropriate…no cursing or any other inappropriate language!

The following checklist is how I will be grading your project. For those who are exempt, this project is worth 2 test grades. For those who are not exempt, this is half of your 9 – weeks test!

I. The project has ALL information (70) = _____

  • a. You have at least 10 songs (10) = _____
  • b. You have cover art/photograph for the CD (20) =_____
  • c. You have a track listing with both title and authorof each song (5) = _____
  • d. You have included the complete lyrics to eachsong (5) = _____
  • e. You have included a one – paragraph explanationfor each song that makes sense! (30) = _____

II. The finished project is neat and attractive. (30) =_______

III. Total Grade (out of 100) = _____

IV. Did you create a CD? (+ 10 bonus points)

About this Document

This is a fun activity I do at the culmination of Julius Caesar. It requires critical thinking skills, and the kids have a lot of fun with it.