Julius Caesar Quiz Act Three

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Multiple Choice. Using CAPITAL LETTERS, choose the BEST answer for each question. 1 point each.

  • Why do the senators all kneels before Caesar to beg for Publius Cimber reinstatement from exile? A) They need Publius Cimber to help them with their plan; B) It’s their way of getting physically close to Caesar; C) They truly want to help Mettelus Cimber plead his case; D) They want to make Caesar feel bad.
  • To what does Caesar compare himself minutes before he dies? A) A lion; B) A mighty waterfall; C) The North Star; D) Pompey.
  • Who is the first to stab Caesar? A) Casca; B) Mettelus Cimber; C) Brutus; D) Calphurnia
  • What do the words “Et tu” mean? A) “So ends”; B) “And you”; C) “And more”; D) “You jerk”.
  • Which of the conspirators is wary of trusting Antony? A) Mettelus Cimber; B) Casca; C) Cassius; D) Brutus
  • Why does Antony shake the blood-smeared hands of the conspirators? A) He wants it to look to the plebeians as though he was part of the plan; B) He wants to be washed with the blood of noble Caesar as a tribute; C) Having one’s hands smeared with the blood of a dead noble would bring good luck; D) He wants to mark the conspirators as guilty.
  • Why doesn’t Trebonius have any blood on his hands? A) He thought it was too gross to bathe his hands in the blood; B) The other conspirators think he’s too young; C) He had taken Marc Antony out of the room while the stabbing occurred; D) Marc Antony shows up before Trebonius can get close to the body.
  • Which of the following did Antony NOT come to the conspirators to accomplish? A) Gain their trust; B) Get money from them; C) Get permission to speak at Caesar’s funeral; D) Establish that he is a loyal man.
  • Which of the following is NOT true about Anonty? A) He is a beautiful speaker with exceptional command of language; B) He can be very manipulative and persuasive; C) He is fiercely loyal to Caesar; D) He resorts to physical violence to solve his problems with the conspirators.
  • Why is Brutus’ funeral speech written in prose? A) Brutus is a poor public speaker; B) So the plebeians can understand him and his logical points; C) Shakespeare got lazy; D) Cassius persuaded him to do so.
  • Why does Anonty show Caesar’s body and point out the wounds and who made each? A) It emphasizes the treachery and makes each man personally responsible for Caesar’s death; B); To prove that he was there and saw what went down; C) Because the plebeians ask him to; D) It increases Anonty’s credibility with the crowd.
  • Why doesn’t Antony want to read Caesar’s will? A) He knows it will upset the plebeians and they’ll be sad; B) He’s using reverse psychology—he know it’s will upset them and that’s exactly what he wants; C) He lost it and doesn’t want to admit it; D) He doesn’t want to incite the crowd to riot against the conspirators.
  • What does Caesar’s will say? A) All of his possessions will be left to Cassius and Brutus; B) Calphurnia will receive his land, but his money shall be divided among the senators; C) Each citizen of Rome will receive the equivalent of $50 and all of his land and possessions will be left to Octavius Caesar; D) Each Roman citizen will receive the equivalent of $100 and all of his private parks will be opened to the public.
  • How to the plebeians react to Marc Antony’s speeches? A) They cheer for him and vow to kill the conspirators; B) They are suspicious of his motives; C) They still believe that Brutus was justified in killing Caesar; D) They don’t know what to think, so they head home, puzzled.
  • What do we learn about Octavius at the end of Act III, scene ii? A) He had retreated to his home; B) He was actually the one who started the whole assassination plan; C) He had made his way to Caesar’s house; D) He has killed Cassius.
  • Which statement sums up what we learn from Act III, scene iii? A) Mob rule now governs Rome; B) Romans hate poetry; C) Cinna the Poet was a murderer; D) Romans have become a more thoughtful people.

Indicate three differences in Brutus’ and Marc Anonty’s funeral speeches. 10 points


Quotation Identification. Write the name of the speaker on the line provided. SPELLING COUNTS. 3 points each

  • Yet in the number I do know but one/That unassailable holds on his rank,/Unshaked of motion; and that I am he;
  • But yet I have a mind/that fears him much; and my misgivings still/fall shrewdly to the purpose.
  • I slew my best lover for the good of Rome, I have the same dagger for myself when it shall please my country to need my death.
  • But Brutus says he was ambitious,/and Brutus is an honorable man.
  • Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.
  • Speak hands for me!
  • Et tu, Brutè?
  • O pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth,/That I am meek and gentle with these butchers.

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