Julius Caesar Quiz Act Four

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  • What are Antony, Octavius and Lepidus doing at the beginning of Act IV? A) Deciding where to go to lunch; B) Counting their money; C) Making a hit list; D) Figuring out which of them is smartest, bravest and strongest.
  • To what does Antony compare Lepidus? A) An ass; B) A waterfall; C) A
  • What indication does Brutus have that something is wrong with Cassius before Cassius even arrives at Sardis? A) Cassius has sent a letter ahead, explaining his grievances to Brutus; B) Cassius has attempted suicide; C) Cassius made a sacrifice to the gods in Brutus’s name; D) Cassius did not receive Brutus’s messenger as friendly as Cassius normally does.
  • Why is Cassius angry with Brutus? A) Brutus condemned a man Cassius defended; B) Brutus is having second thoughts about killing Caesar; C) Brutus slept with Cassius’s wife; D) Brutus has been secretly giving information to the enemy.
  • Why doesn’t Brutus want Cassius taking bribes? A) Caesar always took bribes and they don’t want to be like him; B) They have been honorable to this point and don’t want start turning to corruption now; C) They have more than enough money and don’t need to take bribes; D) They could get into trouble with the law.
  • Why is it ironic that Brutus asks Cassius for money? A) Brutus is actually wealthier than Cassius; B) Cassius had just said to Casca that Brutus is the only one who never asks him for money; C) Cassius is always asking Brutus for money; D) Cassius got the money through dishonorable means that Brutus had just condemned.
  • What final tactic does Cassius resort to during his fight with Brutus? A) He starts crying and tries to get Brutus to feel sorry for him; B) He resorts to physical violence; C) He reminds Brutus that Brutus wouldn’t be where he is without Cassius; D) He tries to flatter Brutus.
  • What important information do we receive about Portia? A) She is in her way to Sardis; B) She has given birth to her and Brutus’s first child; C) She had killed herself by swallowing hot coals; D) She has killed herself by drowning herself.
  • What does it mean to be stoic? A) To be very angry all the time; B) To over react to everything; C) To be paranoid; D) To be unfeeling and unemotional.
  • Which of the following might be a reason Shakespeare put in the fight scene between Cassius and Brutus? A) To move the plot forward; B) To show the audience different sides of Brutus’s and Cassisus’s personalities; C) To show that their friendship isn’t very strong; D) all of the above.
  • What do we find out about Cicero? A) He has fallen deathly ill; B) He has been killed; C) He had fled Rome as well; D) He has joined forces with Marc Antony and Octavius Caesar.
  • On what plan of action do Brutus and Cassius finally agree? A) To wait for Antony to come to them; B) To march their way to Philippi fight Antony’s army; C) To hide and hope the enemy doesn’t find them; D) To surrender to Antony at Philippi.
  • What is the significance of Brutus not sleeping at the end of Act IV? A) He’s making battle plans; B) He’ll be too tired to fight the next day; C) He must still have a troubled conscience; D) It shows he’s more powerful than his servants who are asleep.
  • Why does the Poet want to see Cassius and Brutus? A) He has a message from Antony; B) He wants to help pacify Cassius and Brutus; C) He has written them a poem to wish them luck in battle; D) He wants to join their troops.
  • What can we assume from the fact that Brutus’s war plans will be followed? A) His army will be triumphant; B) Many of his men will die, but he will triumph over Antony and Octavius; C) His choice will be wrong, as they have been in the past when he has disagreed with Cassius; D) Cassius will kill himself because he thinks Brutus still hates him.

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A quiz for Act Four of Julius Caesar.