Julius Caesar Quiz Act Five

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  • Where do the two armies meet at the beginning of Act V of Julius Caesar? A) Philippi; B) Sardis; C) Rome; D) Mukwonago.
  • What does Antony know about the enemy’s troops? A) They’re all unmarried men; B) They all really hate Brutus and Cassius; C) Antony has paid them all to surrender; D) They’re acting brave, but are really scared to march into battle.
  • When Octavius says that he will do his will despite what Antony says shows the audience A) that Octavius does not like Antony; B) Octavius enjoys being contradictory; C) Octavius is really on Brutus’s side; D) Octavius is becoming more like Julius Caesar.
  • What does Antony begin to call Octavius? A) Brother; B) Caesar; C) Captain; D) Son.
  • How many times was Caesar stabbed? A) Nine; B) Five; C) Thirty-three; D) Fifteen.
  • Octavius’s motivation for fighting can be summed up in which word? A) Jealousy; B) Revenge; C) Paranoia; D) Depression.
  • Shakespeare put the verbal fight between Cassius, Brutus, Octavius and Antony in his play for all of the following reasons EXCEPT which? A) To show how angry and frustrated the men are; B) Because they can’t stage the actual battles on stage; C) To show how weak and pathetic Cassius and Brutus have become; D) Act V wasn’t long enough without it.
  • What is special about this day to Cassius? A) It’s his birthday; B) It’s been exactly one month since he first persuaded Brutus to turn against Caesar; C) It’s his wedding anniversary; D) It’s the anniversary of the day he first met Caesar.
  • What change takes place in Cassius’s personal philosophy when he sees eagles replaces by scavenger birds on his banners? A) He decides to become a thief; B) He decides it time to take up bird watching; C) He starts to believe in omens and signs; D) He starts to think he can fly.
  • What are Brutus’ first thoughts on suicide? A) He considers it an honorable show of manhood; B) He thinks it’s okay for women but not for men; C) He thinks it’s a sin to commit suicide; D) He thinks it’s cowardly.
  • What do Brutus and Cassius say to each other as they depart for battle? A) “See ya later!”; B) They make plans for their victory party; C) They say good-bye in case they are to never meet again; D) They devise back-up battle plans.
  • What does Pindarus report to Cassius from the top of the mountain? A) Octavius is being killed by Brutus; B) Titinius is being decapitated; C) Brutus is being captured by Antony; D) Many men are waving white flags, indicating surrender.
  • Cassius’s death parallels Caesar’s for all of the following reasons EXCEPT A) He believes both he and Caesar die for noble causes; B) Both have loving friends speak eulogies; C) The sword that killed him also killed Caesar; D) He was misled about events that led to his death, just like Caesar.
  • What does Titinius do when he sees Cassius’s dead body? A) Throws it in the river; B) Celebrates with Pindarus; C) Titinius kills himself as well; D) Runs to tell Brutus.

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A quiz for Act Five of Julius Caesar.