Julius Caesar Persuasive Essay

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Julius Caesar Persuasive Essay

PROMPT: Knowing all you now know about Roman history, you are beingtransported back in time to the day of Caesar's assassination. Your assignment is to write an anonymous letter to the conspirators in which you persuade them not to carry out their plans.

PREWRITING: First, on a piece of paper jot down the reasons why theconspirators wanted to get rid of Julius Caesar. If you are going to persuadethem against the actions they have planned, you need to fully understand what motivates them to do this thing in the first place. Keeping these things in mind and using all of your knowledge, write down at least three ideas to persuade the conspirators to cancel their plans. Jot down a few notes about your ideas to help explain them. (We will be doing this in class each day as we read keep a sheet of paper handy so you can w ite the ideas down.)


  • Begin your letter in a letter format with the date and appropriate salutation. (Language Network pgs)
  • Write an introductory paragraph in which you let the conspirators knowthat you know of their plans and to state your purpose for writing thisletter. Include a thesis statement.
  • In the body of your letter, write one paragraph stating and explaining each of your persuasive points (one paragraph for each point). Include at least one quote for each point as support.
  • Write a concluding paragraph in which you summarize your points and make your final pleas.
  • A proper closing.


  • Paper must be typed, and double spaced.
  • Proper MLA format: including Heading, Works Cited, and proper text citations. (See Yellow Packet on MLA Format).

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This essay assignment asks students to write a letter convincing the conspirators to do the opposite of what they are planning.