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Character Journal

Throughout our reading of Julius Caesar, you will be meeting many characters who may have names that are difficult to remember, let alone pronounce. To aid you in remembering the characters’ names and who they are, you will be keeping a character journal.

You may do this is several ways:

  • Mark off a section of your notebook
  • Buy a special notebook for this purpose.
  • Take some loose-leaf paper and bind it together in some way (staples, etc).

Whatever you choose to do, you should have about 30 sheets of paper.

As we read Julius Caesar, make a new page for each character we meet. Write the character’s name at the top of the page and any help you need remembering how to pronounce it. On this page, you will write anything we learn about the character (and, if you so chose, what act/scene we find that information in). For example:


  • defeated Pompey (I, i)
  • feigns refusing the crown, and therefore the throne
  • distrustful of Cassius
  • married to Calpurnia (who is not able to bear children—See Calpurnia’s page) (I, ii)
  • has a weak character, according to Cassius
  • should beware the Idea of March (15th of March)

The amount of information recorded for the character depends on how complex the character is or how important he/she is. Things to record:

  • Relationships with other characters (friends, spouses, family members)
  • How other characters view him/her
  • Actions and reactions to those actions
  • Important quotations

THIS WILL BE COLLECTED AND PART OF YOUR GRADE. It is worth onehundred points. I will collect it before the final and hand it back so you can study.

About this Document

A guideline for helping students keep track of the characters in Julius Caesar.