Julius Caesar Background

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  • Fully explain the difference between the following types of governments: a. Monarchy: b.Republic: c. Democracy
  • What kind of government did the Roman Empire have under Trarquinius Superbus (great name for ruler, huh?)?
  • What form of government did they switch to?


  • How far did the Roman Empire stretch at its height? What present day countries were included?
  • What are the two classes of people in the Rome Empire?
  • What is a triumvirate?
  • How did someone get into the Senate? What were the duties of the Senate?
  • What was a tribune? How did someone get to be a tribune?
  • What was a consul? How many were there? What did they do?
  • What similarities are there between the Roman government at Caesar’s time and the current American government?
  • What sort of internal problems was Rome having? (i.e., why were the people unhappy?)


  • When was Julius Caesar born and when did he die?
  • What is Caesar’s full name?
  • What did Julius Caesar do before becoming ruler of Rome?
  • What part of the Roman Empire did Caesar conquer?
  • When did Shakespeare write Julius Caesar?
  • Where did Shakespeare get many of his ideas for his version of Julius Caesar? (name of main book, author and translator, as well other smaller sources.
  • Shakespeare squeezes the events of Caesar’s assassination into 6 days. How long did it actually take?
  • What is the Festival of Lupercal?


  • Do political leaders in the US usually do what they are elected to do: represent the people and act in the best interest of their counties? Give an example to support your answer.
  • Is ambition a positive or negative attribute? Explain your answer.
  • Are there any circumstances under which it is okay to kill someone? Explain your answer.
  • Choose two of the three statements below and explain whether you agree or disagree with them (2 separate answers, please): a. "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" b. "Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant taste of death but once." c. "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is [often buried] with their bones."


  • Where did you get you information on this worksheet? Write down web addresses, names of books or other sources. You don’t need to have 8 sources; use as many lines as you need.


  • With what famous woman was it rumored Caesar was having an affair?
  • How old was Caesar when his father died?
  • What was Caesar’s father doing when he died?
  • Who did Caesar name as his heir in his will? Who would be the heir if that person died?
  • Who is suspected to be Brutus’ (one of the men who leads the assassination) father?
  • Which of Shakespeare’s play is supposedly cursed?
  • What modern tool used to measure time did Julius Caesar modernize and which part of it did he name after himself?

About this Document

A scavenger hunt type activity for students to complete before reading Julius Caesar. Give students historical, political and social background. Also practices research skills.