Antony (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

A professional soldier and public official. He has the third largest speaking role in the play. While his role in the first two acts of the...

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Brutus (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Despite the play's title, Brutus is the central character of Julius Caesar, and it is within the anguished workings of Brutus's mind...

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Julius Caesar (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Julius Caesar, a Roman statesman and general, appears in only three scenes and is assassinated halfway through the play. Although he is the...

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Cassius (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Cassius is the instigator in the conspiracy against Caesar. Statements Cassius makes, particularly during the "seduction scene," suggest that...

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Other Characters (Descriptions)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Another Poet
An unnamed poet approaches the tent of Brutus to seek out Brutus and Cassius. He is ridiculed by both men...

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