Julius Caesar Act V, Scenes 4 and 5: Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act V, Scenes 4 and 5: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Clitus, Dardanus, Strato, and Volumnius: soldiers in Brutus’ army

At the height of the second battle Brutus charges into the field. Young Cato is killed and Lucilius, an officer in Brutus’ army, is captured. To confuse the enemy soldiers, Lucilius tells them he is Brutus, and offers them money to kill him. Antony identifies their captive and tells the soldiers to keep Lucilius safely under guard.

On another part of the field, after hours of fighting, Brutus and his men are in retreat. They have lost the war. Brutus begs Clitus, Volumnius, and Dardanus to assist him in his suicide, but they decline and run off as Antony and Octavius advance. Brutus...

(The entire section is 634 words.)