Julius Caesar Act V, Scenes 2 and 3: Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act V, Scenes 2 and 3: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Cato: Brutus’ brother-in-law and a soldier in his army

The battle begins as Brutus orders Messala to send all of his legions against Octavius’ army. While Brutus gains the advantage on another part of the field, Cassius is in retreat, surrounded by Antony’s forces. Pindarus, the slave of Cassius, enters with a warning for his master to fall back further. But Cassius decides that he has retreated far enough. He asks his friend, Titinius, to ride his horse and determine if the soldiers in his tents are friend or enemy. As Pindarus climbs the hill to report Titinius’ progress, Cassius considers the real possibility that his life has reached its end on his birthday....

(The entire section is 818 words.)