Juliet Constance Wyatt Biography


(Great Authors of World Literature, Critical Edition)

Juliet Mitchell is a leading writer, lecturer, and instructor of feminist, Marxist, and psychoanalytic thought. Born in New Zealand, Mitchell moved to England with her family in 1944 at the age of three and was educated at King Alfred School in Hampstead, London, and later at St. Anne’s College, Oxford, from which she received a degree in English in 1962. After postgraduate study at Oxford, she served as an assistant lecturer in English at the University of Leeds from 1962 to 1963 and then as a lecturer in English at the University of Reading from 1965 to 1970. In 1963, Mitchell became a member of the editorial board of New Left Review, a British neo-Marxist journal, and she published her seminal essay “Women: The Longest Revolution” in the journal three years later. Looking through a primarily socialist and feminist lens, Mitchell in her essay conducted a meticulous examination of the multifarious levels of women’s oppression. Several of her male colleagues responded negatively to the essay, prompting her to leave the journal. Subsequently, she facilitated the organization of the first British Women’s Liberation Conference in 1970 and worked within the London Women’s Liberation Workshop. In order to concentrate on writing and lecturing, Mitchell left full-time teaching in 1970.

Her first major text, Woman’s Estate, was published in 1971, and it further developed the ideas presented in “Women: The Longest Revolution.”...

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