Julie's Unicorn by Peter Beagle

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Julie's Unicorn Summary

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

Julie and Farrell are, by themselves, odd enough. They are aging, old, once-close acquaintances, who manage to pick up their relationship where they dropped it several years earlier. A bizarre marriage for Julie and even more bizarre wanderings for Farrell have intervened. Julie is an artist who earns money by doing word processing for clients, and she can work magic spells that she learned from her grandmother; she can be impulsive that way, for example, casting a spell at a tapestry because she feels sorry for a unicorn depicted in it. Farrell is a chef in a ritzy restaurant, adored by his cooks. However, odder than they is a kitten-sized unicorn that thuds out of a tapestry and is taken to Julie's apartment. Throw in a mother cat and her kittens and a mysterious quest that motivates the unicorn, and "Julie's Unicorn" becomes a delightful tale of comedy and wonder as Julie and Farrell rescue a unicorn from centuries of torment and discover what the unicorn requires for happiness.